29 December 2005

Go meassure it - the PVR is born
Comparing earned media coverage to advertising - the AVE - is controversial. No research indicates that an article is worth the same amount of money as an ad the same size. It might be worth more, or it might be worth less. But we have been meassuring articles in this business for as long as I've been in it.

The purpose is clear. Are we better than marketing?

KD Paine has taken the task to answer that question with her PR Value Ratio. The purpose of both earned coverage and advertising, she says, is to deliver the key messages of the organization to the target groups. Comparing the cost of this is the issue. And her PRV is the answer.

Read her interesting article Another way to measure PR value right here. It's worth your time.

As always meassuring PR seems to create debate. Pro: Shel Holz Contra: John Wagner

28 December 2005

Worst spin of 2005
Media Orchard just published its top 10 of worst spin 2005...
Why PR beats advertising
This is an interesting view on why PR is ahead of advertising. This could also work as a reminder to all of us in the PR industry. PR is all about convincing somebody - a potential customer, journalist or politician - of something. Information and dialogue is the best tool.