21 December 2005

PR or sales - same same
Many Public relations campaigns fail because PR people are afraid to cold call journalists. That is the interesting view in this article PR campaigns often fail by fear or anxiety. Michael Bruxbaum argues that PR people should learn from sales people. We need to pitch better. I tend to agree with him.

A friend of mine once started a small business with absolutely no money at hand. In other words, he could get the word out only through journalists. He wrote a pretty poor press release, send it to every paper, radio and tv station in Denmark. Nothing happened. Then he started calling every journalist he could get a hold of. Two days later he had scored an interview on national radio and quite a lot of nice articles in variuos local papers. All by selling it well on the phone.

A pretty lousy strategy turned into quite a succes. By selling it!

19 December 2005

Does a local politician need a website?
A few days ago a journalist from a Danish newspaper asked us that question at PrimeTime. This got us thinking. Is a web site really necessary for a locally elected politician? Should he spend valuable time updating a site that no one ever takes a look at? Or should he go canvassing instead? Or even do what he was elected to do - pass legislation?

The internet is used for gathering information on a subject. If you take a look at most politicians web sites they cover most political areas - briefly. As a voter do you really need to know that a politician is in favour of good schools and great health care. Get me a politician who is not!

If - as a politician - you want your web site to be of value, focus in depth on a few subjects instead, we told the reporter. Gather a lot of information on the subjects. Not just your own views on the matter. Link to other information, and have other sites link to you. This way a voter might stumble on your web site, learn from it, and vote for you.
Is it possible to meassure PR? My great collegue, Rikke Petersen, just wrote an article in Danish daily, Børsen, on that matter. We believe it is and should be done. Read it here (in Danish) Hvad betyder kommunikation på bundlinjen?.